Heartbreak, devastation and hopelessness are feelings that millions of women experience every day when they suffer from the loss of love.

This book will teach you

How to regain the part of yourself that you abandoned when you fell in love.

Let go of your loneliness and learn:

  • Why you have blind spots that result in recurring painful patterns in your love life.

  • How to reclaim the power you have lost and stop feeling victimized.

  • How emotional bonding at an early age influenced your vulnerability in painful relationships.

  • How to create a new outlook for your life with something to look forward to.

  • How to discover the joy and enthusiasm you have lost.

With Pamela's help I was able to access a formative time in my early years that have been the catalyst for every important decision I've made...both professionally and personally.  
Tamra Nashman, CEO, Extra-OrdinaryImage.com

About the author

Pamela DeNeuve

Creator of The Basic Operating Principle (BOP) Method

About Pamela
Pamela DeNeuve created a 30-day method that has guided hundreds of individuals to breakthrough their self-sabotage and self-defeating behaviors.  These individuals had previously felt frustrated because they could not understand what kept blocking their happiness and success.
Pamela taught her innovative method in seminars held at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of California, Santa Barbara, and in groups, workshops, and during weekend retreats. Many personalities in the entertainment business benefited from her method.  Her clients gained new abilities to communicate that transformed their relationships and also enjoyed surprising successes in their careers.
 She also shared many insights on a daily drive-time show on K-LITE radio in Santa Barbara while conducting private practices in both Santa Monica and Santa Barbara. Her clients came from all walks of life: attorneys, homemakers, actors, producers, waitresses, physicians, truck drivers, clergy and psychotherapists.
Working with some of the largest law firms in the country, Pamela helped these firms expand their law practices.  She also served as an advisor during multi-million-dollar business transactions and assisted towards their successful completion. In 2005, Pamela and her son, created a consulting firm serving Hong Kong and Shanghai.

What People Are Saying

  • Pamela's 30-Day Program has resulted in revolutionary changes not only in my life, but hundred of her clients.

    S. H., London, England

  • Conquering self-defeating patterns of behavior has become an exciting and rewarding experience.  Your program has given us a new vision and renewed commitment to our marriage and spiritual growth...

    Reverends E. & P. E., Santa Barbara, California

  • You opened our eyes to this Basic Operating Principle that drives us and hopefully many of us will explore it further to be able to stop the same negative patterns.

    L. M. S., President Ventura County Chapter,
    National Association of Women's Business Owners

  • I have been intrigued and fascinated at how Pamela has used her perceptive abilities to consistently identify in clear concrete terms a "blind spot" that she calls the Basic Operating Principle.

    M. C., MSW, Santa Monica, California

  • Although I was skeptical at first, I opened my mind and heart to Pamela's 30-Day Program.  Within a few hours she had correctly identified the Basic Operating Principle, through which I had been filtering all of my major life decisions.

    M. K. C., MFCC, Santa Monica, California

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  • Stop Blame 
  • Examine Your Beliefs
  • Discover Your Blind Spots
  • Breakthrough to a Better Life!

Pamela's Personal Invitation

My name is Pamela and I have worked with hundreds of individuals to help them learn how to stop repeating the same painful patterns in their love lives.

My method of healing heartbreak goes beyond traditional methods and uncovers the source of your pain, the Basic Operating Principle (BOP).

I am here to work with you and help you create the life you deserve.

  • I'd love to connect with you:

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